Our Pharmacist is always available to provide advice on medicines and the appropriate treatment of minor ailments and illnesses. A wide range of medicines are available for purchase over the counter and certain medicines can be supplied FREE of charge on the Care at the Chemist scheme. We will deal with your queries in a sympathetic, professional and confidential manner.

The Care at the Chemist scheme allows the Pharmacist to provide you with a wide variety of medicines for many minor ailments, to prevent you having to wait for an appointment with your GP. Conditions covered by the scheme include Coughs and Colds, Pain and Inflammation, Indigestion and Heartburn, Cystitis and Thrush, Conjunctivitis, Mouth Ulcers and Cold Sores, Allergies and Hay fever, Dermatitis and Athlete’s Foot, Warts and Verrucae, Head Lice, as well as many others. This supply of medication is FREE of charge if you are normally exempt from prescription charges or hold a pre-payment certificate. 

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