Ear Wax Removal

Are you suffering with excess ear wax?  We can help!  Come to Green Lane Pharmacy for your ear health needs.  During the assessment with our Pharmacist, they will check the ear for signs of irritation or infection.  If the ear canal contains ear wax, the Pharmacist then use our microsuction device to extract it.  Microsuction is a highly effective and gentle method for ear wax removal. This procedure involves the use of a specialized probe, which is connected to a low-pressure suction machine. The process begins with the insertion of the probe into the ear canal, allowing the pharmacist to carefully remove excess ear wax. The suction is controlled and precise, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for the patient. Unlike traditional methods such as ear syringing, microsuction eliminates the risk of water damage to the ear and offers greater accuracy in targeting specific areas of wax build-up.

Following the microsuction, the pharmacist can then complete a hearing check with the option of referring to an audiologist if this is found.

The initial consultation costs £20.  If ear wax is removed a further charge of £35 is payable. 

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