Bio Oil Gel


Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel 200ml – Restore And Hydrate

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A specialist dry skin formulation that absorbs easily, helping to relieve the signs and symptoms of dry skin. Clinically proven to improve dry skin.

Dry skin is a common condition usually caused by insufficient oil production in the skin, causing the top layer of the skin to dry out. Dry skin can become flaky, itchy or even cracked which can lead to inflammation.

Traditional products such as creams, lotions and body butters are made primarily from water however, most of this water evaporates when coming into contact with your skin. Bio-Oil’s specialist dry skin formulation is easily absorbed by the skin, and being comprised with only 3% water, this helps the skin to retain moisture.

Key Features

    • Helps to relieve the signs and symptoms of dry skin
    • Contains vitamins and essential oils
    • Helps the skin to retain moisture
    • Non-comedogenic

User results

    • 86% agreed ‘their dry skin improved over the course of a two-week period’.*
    • 83% agreed ‘the product absorbs easily into the skin’.⁺

Clinical results

  • 82% agreed ‘they saw a difference in just two days’.*


How to use

Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel can be used all over the body. Apply a small amount to dry skin and massage in a circular motion until fully absorbed. Use less than you would applying a cream.

Suitable for sensitive skin.